How to properly wash and care for your UBU Swimwear

How to properly wash and care for your UBU Swimwear

Look after your UBU Swimwear properly

While UBU Swimwear fabric is twice as durable as others, these simple steps will help to make sure your UBU Swimwear lasts and looks at its best for much longer.

The first, and most important thing is to PLEASE do not wash your swimwear in the washing machine or dry them in the tumble dryer!


Most of the time, your swimsuit will only need a good rinse after use. The easiest way to do this is to shower with your swimwear on when you come out of the water. Else, once you are home, you can give it a proper rinse in cold water.

If your swimwear does need to be washed, please hand wash. I recommend using a mild hand soap. (A gentle detergent will do but it is harsher so not first choice.) Soak in cool/cold water for 10 mins and then rinse. Never use fabric conditioner on your swimwear.

DO NOT wring the swimsuit once washed. Instead, squeeze the excess water out. Or lay the swimsuit flat on a towel, roll it up and squeeze. 


It is best to lay the swimwear flat to dry.
If this isn't possible, hang from the middle of the suit, not from the top.
Dry in the shade, out of direct sunlight and away from heat.



Always make sure your swimwear is completely dry before you store it away. Pack your swimsuit or bikini in your UBU Wet Bag until next use.


Give your swimwear a "rest"!

22% of the fabric is Xtra Life LYCRA® - ie spandex. Spandex is a "memory" fibre. Its gives the fabric that amazing compression quality - it can be stretched over 500% without breaking and can be stretched repetitively but will recover to its original length. Spandex has lots of other great characteristics as a fibre that make it perfect for swimwear and active use. Rest your swimwear on alternate days if possible, so the fabric recovers before its next use.


Wet Bags

UBU Wet Bags are water resistant so they are a great way to hold your change of clothes or wet swimwear. And once dry, they are also a great way to store your swimsuits and bikinis until you next use them.

I have a range of medium and large wet bags.
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