All you need to know.... UBU's Turkish Towels

All you need to know.... UBU's Turkish Towels

UBU’s Turkish Towels are manufactured in Turkey and all phases of the production are carried out in Turkey. Most of the towels are manufactured in Buldan, Denizli – a world-famous region in the textile industry. The manufacturer has 25 machines that they run in their factory and another 25 that they have supplied to contracted local producers.

All of UBU’s Turkish Towels are made of 100% Turkish cotton & use Ne 20/1 and Ne 20/2 carded cotton threads. My manufacturer also have a range made from regenerated cotton and while I have stocked some of their towels from uncertificated regenerated cotton previously, it is a limited range and the MOQ for towels with the certification is currently cost prohibitive for my business.


All UBU Swimwear Turkish Towels are OEKO-TEX Certificated 

The manufacturer is an OEKO-TEX® manufacturer and all our Turkish Towels have the STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® certificate.  (


UBU Swimwear - Turkish Towel Loom Weaving



Dating back to the 18th century, Turkish Towels have a strong relationship with Turkish hammams, (Turkish public baths rooted in Turkish history and culture, which date back to the 14th century and were inspired by the Roman baths). Turkish Towels, also called Pestemals, were used for the ceremonial bath by the bride before her wedding. They are often associated with the important events in the life of Turkish people. They are not supposed to be just one piece of towel. Instead, they can come in sets. They were used in sets back in the time of hammams and can still be found that way. The set included different bath towels for the head, shoulders, and hips. This arrangement was specifically compatible with the designs of the Turkish baths. 

 UBU Swimwear Turkish Towels Made from 100% Turkish Cotton

Turkish towels are produced from the premium quality cotton grown in Turkey. Turkish cotton has long and durable fibres, which give the towels their characteristic high-absorbency and softness. In fact, your Turkish Towel will continue to get softer and softer for the first few times you wash it.

Turkish Towels are also extremely durable and resistant. And while they are lightweight and absorbent, they will quickly and easily dry without the need for a dryer. With proper care, your will enjoy the use of your Turkish Towels for many years.

Perfect for your home, the beach, by the pool, at the gym, in your travel bag and so many more uses, you will get lots of use out of your UBU Turkish Towel for a long time to come!



From the beginning, it was the aim of the company to preserve the authenticity of both the manufacturing process and the final product. They work with contracted local producers who are mostly small families operating a couple of basic weaving machines in their homes. The company wanted to preserve this traditional industry, which has passed down for many generations within families, and also to help to provide these families with work so they do not lose out to the bigger, more mechanicalized companies that were building up.

The producers live in many villages across the Buldan region. Managing these producers living in separate villages is difficult but more importantly, the culture of local textile production is sustained while the welfare of these communities is increased.
Additionally, a proportion of all their sales (around 5%) goes back to students from these villages who can use some financial help for their education. This fact alone really stood out to me as it is not something they publicize or market on – they just do it and do it for the right reasons – to help.

Our manufacturer is aware of the fact that it is necessary to continually improve on the qualifications and certification they have and it is something they continue to work on, while also always being open to discussing with me what they can do to improve.

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UBU Swimwear Turkish Towels - Soft, Absorbent, Durable and Quick-Drying