Why reversible swimwear is so popular

Why reversible swimwear is so popular

Why choose reversible swimwear options

Most of you are looking for swimwear that is sustainable, practical and looks great. And you know that quality over quantity is  key - you want something that is well-made that will help you feel confident and carefree in your swimwear!

Well, UBU Swimwear has you covered! UBU Swimwear has a range of reversible onepiece swimsuits and bikini tops and bottoms. The bikini pieces are sold as separates to give you more choice over sizing & styling. With reversible swimwear, you get two styles in-one (or four styles-in-one set if you go for bikini set!) so you get more for less!




There's many reasons why reversible swimwear is a great choice. Here's just 5 of them: 

1. It's more sustainable
Buying a reversible swimsuit means you are getting two pieces in one - saving production, fabric and waste! Helping to cut down on production and the waste produced by the fashion industry will also ensure you can feel good about your swimwear choice while you are out enjoying yourself.
And it is better for your wallet!

2. Perfect for travelling
With reversible swimwear, you now don't have to pack multiple bikini sets or onepieces. Meaning you save space and get to pack light!

3. Reversible bikini pieces are even more amazing for mix & match
We are all different. Being able to mix & match your favourite styles and colours means you get to choose your perfect fit. Pick and choose on your own terms what suits your style, needs and body.

4. Reversible swimwear can take the stress out of shopping
Not only is reversible swimwear practical and affordable, it definitely makes shopping for your perfect swimwear so much easier. Often when you find swimwear that you love, you want it in all the colours. But with UBU Reversible Swimwear options, you already have extra options in one piece!

5. You save time, money, space and waste! 

 UBU Swimwear Reversible Swimwear options



If you are looking for versatile swimwear that you can feel confident in, that looks good and is better for the planet, then UBU Swimwear's reversible styles are for you.

Check out all of UBU Swimwear's reversible swimwear styles here.



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And always remember, the two most important things you can wear are a smile and confidence 💛