Corrine's Story

Corrine, 29.

"I love the way my body looks."


Corrine as part of the #youbeyoucampaign by UBU Swimwear


How would you describe yourself

My friends would describe me as someone caring, fun and outgoing because life is meant to be enjoyed and celebrated. I can be demure yet loud at times. I try to showcase both my cute side and look sexy at the same time, and that creates an exotic vibe. 

What does your perfect day look like?
I like waking up at my own time, go for a relaxing morning walk to a nice breakfast place and snap some chic photos. Thereafter comes the excruciating bit of editing and choosing the best photo to post cause I love sharing about my day with my friends.

What is your clothing style?
Anything cool and edgy! And classy long flowing dresses!

What does your choice of swimwear style say about you?
I like simple and bright swimwear. (Visibility management for a hunk to come save me in case of drowning!) 

How is your relationship with your body? 
I am actually quite happy with my body but I would like to become more toned and stronger. 

Why is the #youbeyou campaign important to you?
Everyone is trying to copy someone else, but they don't realised that while they're copying someone else, there's someone out there who's trying to emulate themselves! So just youbeyou. You might be the trend starter :) 

What is your favourite thing about your body?
I love the way my body looks. I eat what I like and train my body to look the best.

What's something you would love to see change in how women / bodies are perceived?
As long as you are happy and healthy, that is what really matters the most. Confidence > perfect body


Fun fact about you
I can't take spicy food but I love a good MALA hotpot!
I can't stand the cold but I love skiing and ice skating.
I love sparkles and blings, I meant your eyes, not diamonds :D


 Corrine is a avid dancer and ex-pagent queen with an infectious joy and enthuasiam for life. Check her out - @callsy


Corrine is wear the Clara top and Freya bottoms