Dimi's Story

@myriad.creative - Ethical Marketer, Podcaster, Emcee and passionate advocate for womxn of colour.


Was it always hard for you to find the perfect swimwear? 

Definitely, the ‘perfect’ swimwear seemed to always be made for women with ‘perfect’ bodies, I just couldn’t imagine myself in one. 

What did you have to deal with when you tried on swimsuits? 

Most swimwear looked off on my body, the sizing would be off or the cutting would be unflattering. I guess because no one made the swimsuit with my body type in mind which is often the case with swimwear or clothes in general. It’s not inclusive and tends to be made with the ‘ideal’ body type in mind. In turn, pushing the narrative that if one doesn’t fall into the ideal body type, there’s something wrong with their body. It took me a while to come into terms with the fact that there’s nothing wrong with my body, it’s just that I had to find a brand that embraces inclusivity and celebrates diversity when it comes to body types. I’m so glad that brands like Ubu are doing this! 

Were you scared to go outside wearing a bikini? 

To be honest, this is my first time wearing a bikini in the open. In fact, every time I had to do any form of water activities or go to the beach, I wore clothes that hid my cellulite or the soft rolls on my back. I absolutely hated the feeling of knowing that people are looking at my body, forming their judgements and sometimes even saying it out loud. I just wanted to be one of those people who went to the beach, enjoyed the sun and had fun but instead, I was filled with anxiety and sometimes, even dread for deciding to go out at all. Not to mention how uncomfortable I felt wearing covered clothes at the beach! 

Going to the beach or swimming at the pool simply didn’t feel fun for me although I love the sun and being outside. 

How did you overcome your fears about swimwear? 

I am on this journey of loving myself boldly and standing up against the harmful things I’ve been taught about my body or my weight. To be very frank, I don’t think I’ll ever be overcome the fear entirely but it does get easier with every small act of self-love. And to me, wearing a swimwear I feel great in, one that makes my adventures on the beach fun and comfy is an act of self-love. Radical self-love and self-appreciation trumps fear and discomfort anytime, any day! 

What would you say to others who are afraid to flaunt their bodies?

It’s about starting small and taking tiny steps towards returning to yourself and embracing the imperfections. It could be as tiny as rubbing lotion on the parts of yourself that you are still struggling to love or building awareness around how you talk to yourself on the bad days. And even unfollowing people on Social Media whose content make you compare yourself to them and make you  question your self-love journey. 

Perfection doesn’t exist. Perfect bodies don’t exist. Whatever we are chasing in the name of perfection is ideas and stories people created to benefit themselves. So, you go and create your own narrative, one that consists of kindness and gentleness towards yourself. And absolutely wearing that bikini when you feel like it!