Mary's Story

UBU Swimwear #youbeyou body acceptance campaign - Mary's Story

Was it always hard for you to find the perfect swimwear? 

Swimwear has always been a difficult journey for me. I have never really found the perfect swimwear and the fact that my thighs will be seen always makes me feel so insecure. 

What did you have to deal with when you tried on swimsuits? 

The sizing is never right, the proportions are off and i would normally feel really uncomfortable. My mom would always tell me to take the full covered ones because my thighs are so fat and i look “indecent” and so my insecurity kept growing from there. 

Were you scared to go outside wearing a bikini? 

I used to have that fear of going to the pool wearing a bikini. I get anxious just thinking of how many people might be laughing at me. But as i grew and i realised that i could overcome my fear, i also noticed that no one really looks at you. It’s just your fear. In reality you’re actually more worried about what others think of you than you are about yourself! So, bye bye fear, hello me! Time to flaunt that bikini! 

How did you overcome your fears about swimwear? 

Self acceptance. Start seeing your body for how it really looks. No filter, no weird camera angles. Just straight up, look at the mirror. That’s your body. That’s your curves, your shape and your size. Learn to start accepting that and listen to what your body needs not what the society thinks your body needs. 

I overcame my fear by realising that i need to see the reality of the situation. I need to listen to my body and i need to understand that there’s never a one size fits all.

What would you say to others who are afraid to flaunt their bodies?

See your body for what it really is and take steps to slowly appreciate it! Life is too short to be hating yourself or how you look! Learn how to make yourself feel good and in return you’ll start to see that confidence shining through. 

"Stop being to harsh to yourself and WEAR THAT BIKINI.
You’re never going to be ready. It’s now or never."


UBU Swimwear body acceptance campaign - Read co-creator Mary's story