Maxine's Story

Maxine, 34.

"I am very happy about this body of mine"


Maxine as part of the UBU Swimwear #youbeyoucampaign

 Maxine is wearing the (blue) Eirene top and Eos bottoms and (yellow) Eriu top and Pheme bottoms


Describe yourself in 3 sentences
I am very outgoing, honest and up for anything outdoorsy. I like to rock climb, dive, yoga and many many other activities. I love my work as a freshwater biologist and educator and I strongly believe in sustainability and preserving our natural resources.  

What does my perfect day look like?
A hike or a dive with a yummy dinner after. 

What is your clothing style?
Honestly, I am very laid back most of the time, and I like to use clothes that are bright and cheery. 

What does your choice of swimwear style say about you?
I guess that as long as I am comfortable, I will be confident in my swim wear be it a bikini or one piece. 

How is your relationship with your body?
I have always thought I needed to lose a bit of weight or would be happier if I was a bit thinner, but I think as I have gotten older, I have started to really be grateful for my body that I can exercise and be active, I am very happy about this body of mine. 

Why is the #youbeyou campaign important to you?
I think it shows women that they can be strong and that there is no set body type that is beautiful, we only have one body and we need to treasure it and treat it right. 

What is your favourite thing about your body?
I guess my strong shoulders and back, rock climbing has really helped me appreciate that. 

What's something you would love to see change in how women / bodies are perceived?
I want women to be less focused on how they look like and more focused on how they feel after a workout or be confident to wear clothes that they wouldn’t normally wear. 

Fun fact about you
I am very inquisitive about the natural world and I can teach a class about nature anywhere.


 Maxine is a incredible woman - she's a plankton doctor, biologist and biology lecturer
- and you can learn lots about succulents in Singapore from her account @sgsucculents 🌵


 Maxine taking part in #youbeyoucampaign with UBU Swimwear