Mila's Story

UBU Swimwear's #youbeyou campaign shows real women in diverse sizes wearing swimwear - this is Mila's Story

Was it always hard for you to find the perfect swimwear? 

I still struggle to find swimwear I’m comfortable in. I rarely get swimsuits nowadays - resulting in fewer beach outings. 

What did you have to deal with when you tried on swimsuits? 

I used to be called thunder thighs and was bullied about my bum. That stuck with me so whenever I try anything new that’s where my eyes go to first.

Were you scared to go outside wearing a bikini? 

I didn’t go to the beach for years. Yes living in Singapore, how silly now that I think about it. I was so scared of the judgement that I would say I was busy and I’d stay home instead.

How did you overcome your fears about swimwear? 

I changed my unhealthy diet, began working out. Led a more active, healthy lifestyle and began socialising with the right people. Once all my superficial excuses were gone, I had to work on my inner self, accepting and loving myself inside and out. This has taken longer than simply changing my diet and getting myself to the gym. I focused on my gifts and talents rather than the cellulite in my thighs. It’s a change of perspective which takes constant work for me. 

What would you say to others who are not yet self- or body- confident?

Focus on yourself, what drives you, your passion, your gift to others. LIVE your life. People will always talk and there’s a different version of you in everyone’s mind. However, yours is the important one. Live a healthy, active, positive life rather than focusing on insecurities you have developed due to external forces. Hang out with good people and stay away from toxic people.

UBU Swimwear #youbeyou campaign to show real women in swimwear - Read Mila's Story