Rosa's Story

Rosa, 30.
 "Beauty in imperfection"



What does my perfect day look like? 
Chill, movie and sleep.

My choice of swimwear?
Simple and comfortable. Sexy and unique.

My relationship with my body? 
I love my body the way I look.

Why is the #youbeyoucampaign important to you?
Cause I love to share beauty is not about how you look it’s more how comfortable are you.

What is your favourite thing about your body? 

What's some thing you would love to see change in how women / bodies are perceived?
Don’t put beauty standard from other people on you. Different woman have different beauty standard.

Fun fact about me? 
I love joke and crazy I guess😅


  Rosa is an incredibly talented Model, Content Creator & Influencer, who I am very lucky to have supporting UBU from the very start. Check her out at @kazzrozza.


Rosa is wearing the the Hemera (red), Rhiannon (blue) and Ceres (yellow vector)