Our biggest motivation is to make a difference, to help. When you see the impact of our consumption choices, you want to fix it. For us, being a sustainable brand means a lot more than being kind to the environment. It means making responsible and conscious decisions to look after all the people who work to make our products, our environment and our communities.



Protecting our planet and ethical trading practices are very important to us and we only work with suppliers who share these values. We have spent considerable time and effort to ensure that, as much as is possible, we are using recycled materials and following environmentally-friendly practices in our business. Where we cannot use recycled materials, we will always use recyclable materials. 

UBU Swimwear - #imadeyourclothes 

Koming, Luh Ayu & Diki - some of the sewers who worked on our first collection.


Giving back to our community is a massive driving force for us. Our mission is to show that by shopping consciously, by choosing responsible brands and making responsible purchase decisions, fashion can have massive positive impacts - not just for the women who wear our swimwear but for all the people who work to make them, the wider community and the environment.

We fully support and champion the work done by both BIG Against Breast Cancer and 4Ocean and we are very excited and privileged to be able to support and help both in any way we can. A percentage of all sales will be donated BIG Against Breast Cancer and we also sell 4Ocean bracelets which fund their global movement to clean trash from our oceans. 

With your purchases, you know you are giving back in a meaningful way.

UBU Swimwear supports BIG Against Breast Cancer

The Breast International Group (BIG) is a not-for-profit organisation which forms the largest international network of academic research groups dedicated to finding cures for breast cancer. You can find out more BIG Against Breast Cancer & their great work on their website -


We are always open to feedback and suggestions on how we can improve. If you have an idea, please contact us