how and why UBU came to be

Hi! I'm Paula, founder, owner and all-doer at UBU Swimwear. 
Wearing swimwear had always been a bit of an ordeal for me - trying to find swimwear that fit nicely, that provided enough support and coverage so I could run around in it, swimwear that was made to last more than a couple of months - it seemed an impossible task. I always ended up wearing swimwear that didn't feel right, that I wasn't comfortable in so rather than enjoying myself, I was spending the time feeling awkward and self-conscious- and thats never good! For a long time I thought it was just me, that there was something wrong with me. But then I realised many of my friends felt the same. And then when I moved to Singapore, I spoke to so many more women who felt it too. 
Life's much too short to be wasting time worrying about swimwear so rather than keep complaining about it, I decided to do something about it.
And that's how UBU came about.

So why did I start UBU?
To provide high-quality, comfortable and great looking swimwear that women can forget their self-consciousness in and just enjoy themselves. 

UBU - The Name

Pronounced YOU BE YOU or “oo-boo” - whichever you prefer!

One of the first questions I get asked about UBU is “What does the name mean?”. I love answering this as I think it captures the whole ethos what UBU is and what I am working towards.
UBU has two meanings.
 "YOU BE YOU" - I always like to encourage others to just be themselves, to "just be you"; and with UBU, I aim to give women the choice, comfort and support to allow this too. 
UBU is also an abbreviated version of my favourite word since I don't know when – ubuntu - a Zulu word that does not have any direct translation into English and is more of a way of life or a philosophy. There are many translations of “ubuntu”, including “humanity towards others” & “I am because we are”. But my favourite translation has to be - “I find my worth in you, you find your worth in me”.

I believe everyone has some way to give, to help, to share; and by doing so we find a purpose. UBUNTU is a life motto and the driving force behind UBU Swimwear.


My biggest motivation is to make a difference, to help. This is why sustainability, giving back and the #youbeyou campaign are such strong focuses in everything I do with UBU. It's what drives me.

When you see the impact of our consumption choices, you cannot ignore it. For me, being a sustainable brand means a lot more than being kind to the environment. It means making responsible and conscious decisions to look after all the people who work to make our products, our environment and our communities.
Click to learn more on UBU's sustainability.