UBU - What's In A Name

Pronounced  YOU BE YOU or “oo-boo” - whichever you prefer! 

One of the first questions we are always asked about our business is “What does the name mean?”. And it’s a question we love to answer - it captures the whole ethos of who we are. 
UBU – quite literally means YOU BE YOU. We are always encouraging others to just be themselves, to "just be you"; and with our swimwear, we aim to give you the choice, comfort and support to allow this too. 
UBU is also an abbreviated version of our very favourite word – ubuntu. Ubuntu is a Zulu word that does not have any direct translation into English and is more of a way of life or a philosophy. There are many translations of “ubuntu”, including “humanity towards others” & “I am because we are”. But our favourite translation has to be - “I find my worth in you, you find your worth in me”.

We believe everyone has some way to give, to help, to share; and by doing so we find a purpose. UBUNTU is our life motto and the driving force behind UBU Swimwear.


UBU Swimwear - What's In A Name - Our Driving Force, Our Purpose

Hello You!

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