UBU Swimwear | #youbeyou Body Acceptance Campaign

UBU isnt just named YOU BE YOU by coincidence. Part of the reason behind the name is that I wanted to provide swimwear that you can be comfortable enough in to just enjoy yourself. To JUST BE YOU.
But providing comfortable, functional but flattering swimwear is only one of my goals for UBU. I want UBU to promote and show body acceptance, no judgement, positivity. So in 2020, I joined together with Mary Victor, founder of The Body Within movement to create this campaign and to kick-start this awareness. Let's accept & appreciate & love who we are, where we are now. You will change & grow in many ways along your journey but coming from a place of love & acceptance, that journey will be oh so much better.
This is NOT a one-off. This is just the start. We have LOTS more coming your way.





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Meet the women spearheading the #youbeyoucampaign


Chilean born Actress, Yogi, Boxing Coach, Illustrator, Artist.


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Celebrity Makeup Artist, Model, Body Neutrality Advocate.

Founder of The Body Within

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Ethical marketer, professional emcee, first-time model.

Myriad Creative

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My Story

This is me. Completely out of my comfort zone, feeling very awkward - and loving it! I actually really really loved this shoot so much. Because of the group of us working together and because of WHAT IT STANDS FOR.

Find the swimwear you feel good and comfortable in.

Wear it - for you.

Go have some fun!

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